OC Police Dept. sees uptick in disorderly behavior in June, officials say incidents aren’t unusual for this time


OCEAN CITY, Md.- Ocean City typically is a hot spot for people to visit during the summer, but the OC Police Department said with more people in town comes more problems. “Historically in June, we do tend to see an uptick in disorderly behavior and incidents in general that require police assistance,” Ashley Miller, OCPD Deputy Communications Manager, said. “And that’s because we usually see an uptick of a lot of visitors, younger adults coming in, traditionally years past a lot of people would refer them to as senior weekers, but lately we have been seeing not only those high school aged kids but up in to the early mid-twenties as well.”

Miller said just within the last week police responded to a few incidents, one being an assault and two pedestrian collisions. In one of those incidents, the pedestrian died. “As they approached that situation, they then located three victims suffering from stab wounds,” Miller said.

When we spoke with Twylla Grove, a visitor who tries to make it to Ocean City every year, she said she feels accidents and injuries are happening more frequently. “It’s frightening, it makes us more cautious of our surroundings and everything; and I think that’s the best defense is to know your surroundings,” Grove said.

Although police see an increase in disorderly behavior, we’re told they’re prepared to handle these situations with increased eyes on the boardwalk and their resources.

“It’s important to know they are visible,” Grove said.

“All of our full time and seasonal staff is equipped with body cameras, it has been an amazing tool so far, not only for just investigation purposes, but also then when we do have a use of force type incidents ” Miller said.

But even with increased incidents, the police department wants to make sure visitors and residents know that OC is a safe place and they could always use your help to keep it that way. “So, one of the big things we have been trying to stress this year is when you do see an incident happen everybody’s instinct is to record it and to get it out on social media but take a second, pause and call 911,” Miller said.

Miller also told us after the Fourth of July weekend is when they’ll start to see more families come into town and they will see a decline again in these major incidents.

The police department said their cameras and license plate readers at the entrances into town have also been a big help, and they said one of the big things the department is striving to do this year is to be more transparent with communities.

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