Local veterinarian provides tips to keep pets safe amid 4th of July boom

DELMARVA – As Delmarva prepares for the holiday festivities this weekend, we checked in with a local vet on why its important to make sure your pets stay safe with regard to the fireworks.

Dr. Marianne Bailey with Queenstown Veterinary Hospital says fireworks can cause pets major anxiety and they can be terrified of the loud, unexpected noises.

She tells 47ABC, the 4th of July is also the most common holiday where pets go missing.

Dr. Bailey provided a few tips on how to keep our four legged loved ones safe in the midst of the holiday fun. “If you know they’re scared of fireworks and loud noises, there are medications that can help. Some of the human medications that we’re using and others that are FDA approved for dogs with noise aversions,” Dr. Bailey said.

“Checking just gates to the yard, doors to the house, especially screen doors. If you have people coming in and out, make sure you put your pet in a crate or area of the house where people will not be entering and leaving,”

Dr. Bailey also says to make sure your food stays on your plate, as feeding that to your pet could cause things like vomiting or diarrhea.

She adds that corn on the cob causes obstructions that could lead to major surgeries.

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