Local organization calling for accountability following viral video with racial slurs

SALISBURY, Md. – Following the viral video of a Parkside student, saying racial slurs saying while holding a pellet gun, local advocates are demanding accountability before the violence becomes a trend.

At the press conference, advocates said change needs to be made now and it has to be thorough because of connections with the child’s parent and law enforcement.

Reverend James Jones explains the video “that his intentions were to go to school the next day and shoot n***** for fun, we are not those people.”

Advocates are sending a strong message to the community following an online threat containing racial slurs.

“It honestly scares me because I have two young boys and not only are they black boys, they’re really young, so not being able to protect them at school is an issue,” says local parent Kiera White.

While the Wicomico County Sheriff’s Office is handling the investigation, activists say that’s still not enough.

“We do not want the local authority along with the board of education to do this investigation, we feel its a necessity, a great need for the investigation to be performed by an outside entity. We would suggest the Maryland State Police,” says Reverend James Jones, the Convener for the Caucus of African American Leaders on the Eastern Shore.

Salisbury City Councilwoman April Jackson says change needs to be made in order to move forward. And if not, she fears we could see the same kind of gun violence that’s happening across the country hit closer to home.

“It was a domestic threat, it was a hate crime, I don’t care what people say, something has to be done 5.19.41an example has to be set here, cause if we don’t we’re going to have what happened in Uvalde (Texas) happen here,” says Councilwoman April Jackson.

“What happens then, with a threat like this, bullets have no name, no label, they hit anything thats between them and a target we have to stop this now and it has to start here, locally, with the parents, it has to start with the board of education and school system,” says Reverend James Jones.

Councilwoman Jackson says the community needs to take part in that and they need to make their voices heard now.

“I’m hoping that these parents of the kids that do go to Parkside, the kids that are in our community, the parents need to rise up, step up and rise up and speak out there’s a double-sided justice system here,” says Councilwoman April Jackson.

Parent Kiera White also says that it starts at home, the parents and child along with the community need to be educated, which will make sure this conversation is on the table. She also says public reprimand needs to happen so this doesn’t happen again.

There will be a meeting with the Board of Education on Thursday, June 23rd at 2 PM and councilwoman April Jackson urges the community to come out and voice their opinions.

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