Local mobile businesses grapple with rising gas prices, push to keep wheels turning


MARYLAND – Flannery’s Bayou and Barbecue has been dishing up its cuisine on the Eastern Shore for over 30 years.

Now, Owner and Chef Stewart Davis says they’re being served with an item not found on their menu: rising gas prices. “It’s not just food in the trailers, a lot of people just see this concept,” Davis said.

“You have your trucks, your trailers, your generators, your gas for your stoves. So you have a lot of different things you’re paying gas for. ”

It’s the same challenge for Beat the Rush Delivery in Cambridge who prides itself on putting the person in personal shopping.

The company provides pick up and delivery services for local grocers and eateries.

“I can say that I have definitely considered looking into electric delivery vehicles,” Owner Amanda Kidd said. “We’re seeing like where we used to fill up maybe like twice a week, we’re now filling up now 3 or 4 times a week.  We have to consistently add more fuel. ”

With fuel prices now nearly $5.00 across Maryland, both business owners say the industry is now rolling things out like surcharges to find relief. “If you’re doing private catering and doing it 10 miles away, they might charge you $20 dollars just for the travel,” Davis said.

“We been really lenient with our surcharges because we do want to still see our small businesses that we support be able to bring in a profit,” Kidd said.

Chef Davis says he’s always had a passion for cooking, but now with fuel prices and inflation on the rise that passion comes with a cost.

He adds to pay it off, he needs customers to keep coming back. “I’m doing everything I can to keep the prices where they’re at. But just finding chicken and certain things that you have to rely on to get to your customers gets tough.” “This road here in front of us used to be extremely busy. You can tell people are not traveling or packing their lunches.”

If you are a fan Chef Davis’, don’t worry as he says his prices won’t be going up anytime soon.

The big thing both business owners say is the secret to keeping the wheels turning is their determination to continue serving their customers.

Beat The Rush Delivery also provides a rental service with their vehicle and it comes with a free full gas tank.

To find out more about Beat The Rush, click here

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