Funding for green infrastructure projects in the Chesapeake region

MARYLAND – Some much-needed funding is headed to organizations across the region related to green infrastructure projects, some of which will be impact the Chesapeake Bay.

The Chesapeake Bay Trust, in partnership with the U.S. Environmental Project Agency and other environmental entities, is announcing over $1 million to be awarded to projects involved in the Chesapeake Bay Green Streets, Green Jobs, and Green Towns Grant Program. The program helps communities develop and implement projects that reduce stormwater run-off, increase green space, create green jobs, improve the health of local rivers, streams, and of course, the Chesapeake Bay.

Those with Chesapeake Bay Trust say the funding is help three projects here on the Eastern Shore.

“And when you go visit communities who have put these projects in, in the past and they say to you oh my gosh this area used to flood and now the storm water is all captured,” said Jana Davis. “We always used to have to dodge cars on this very busy street and it was hot and there was just no shade And now it’s just like this green oasis with businesses thriving. So it’s a wonderful opportunity for neighborhoods, civic associations, faith base groups, local governments to really bring an idea to fruition and to bring in the resources to make that happen. ”

These programs are said to help improve community health, air quality, energy costs, and much more.

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