First State Abortion Fund in full effect following the overturn of Roe v. Wade

DELAWARE – Advocates in Delaware are not happy that women’s resources and right to choose have been limited. So what they have done is created a fund that will allow all women access to abortion services.

“You want to be pro-choice pro-life, I respect your decision, but guess what in this moment I need you to be pro-mind your business,” says Representative Melissa Minor-Brown.

In response, the First State Abortion Fund is making it possible for all women to have the resources they need to terminate a pregnancy if they choose. Though it’s still in the early stages, one board member tells 47 ABC it’s an effort that won’t be overlooked.

“We’re focusing on developing access to care, identifying specific organizations that are going to be able to set up the care, different organizations to set up transportation and hospitality,” says board member, Kori Beaman Cheatham.

She also advocates no matter who you are, you still deserve access to care.

“It doesn’t matter what your background is, it doesn’t matter if you are English speaking, if you need access and you need help, we want to be able to step in and be that gap closer,” says Beaman Cheatham.

Representative Minor-Brown, a board member for the fund explains just how crucial access will be for Delawareans.

“These abortion bans throughout our country are going to increase the maternal mortality rate, so how can you say that you are pro-life but you support women dying during childbirth? And child birth is far more dangerous and life threatening than an early term abortion,” says Rep. Minor-Brown.

Board members are saying this is just the beginning and this fund is much bigger than just the first state.

“Our long-term goal is to be able to have a safe haven not just for Delawareans but have access to a safe haven for anyone whose coming through Delaware,” says Beaman Cheatham.

Now advocates are making it their mission to ensure abortion rights for everyone.

“In Delaware, we’re going to do everything we can to ensure that women have access and access to those resources if they need them,” says Rep. Minor-Brown.

“We’re helping anyone in Delaware seeking abortion care whether they live in the state or not,” says Beaman Cheatham.

The fund is still in its early stages and board members tell me they are fine tuning the program to understand how the funds will be dispersed. They also tell me the first state is mighty and as along as we stand together, and stand strong we can get it done. To learn more about the First State Abortion Fund and even donate, visit their website.

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