DSP warning citizens of cryptocurrency scam

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DELAWARE – Delaware State Police are warning the public of an increase in scams involving the use of cryptocurrency (“crypto”) ATM machines and quick response (“QR” codes).

Police say they have seen a recent increase in scams where the victim is directed to local crypto ATMs and/or stores that authorize QR crypto payments. Criminal perpetrators reportedly leverage victims to send money in these forms during schemes that include government impersonation, computer spyware, and romance scams. Scammers may maintain lengthy contact with the victim through online or telephone communication.

Due to the nature of cryptocurrency, the successful recovery of lost funds can be extremely challenging. Unlike traditional wire or bank transfers, crypto transfers are instantaneous, and once the suspect receives the funds they are typically moved immediately to other accounts that are often based outside of the country.

Troopers are offering the following tips to prevent yourself from falling victim to these scams:

  • Never send crypto payment to someone you have never met
  • Remember that no legitimate business or agency will ever request a crypto payment
  • Do not engage unknown callers who claim that you are in trouble or threaten you or a family member with arrest, exposure, or embarrassment if a crypto payment is not made immediately

Victims are encouraged to report these instances and any related fraudulent or suspicious activities to the FBI.

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