Del. Senate passes bill to increase penalties for assault on healthcare workers

Healthcare Bill For Communities Of Color

DOVER, Del. – The Delaware Senate passed a bill on Wednesday to increase penalties for assaulting healthcare workers.

House Bill 324 applies the felony offense of second degree assault to those that intentionally cause physical injury to healthcare workers while they are performing work-related duties.

Under Delaware code, second degree assault currently applies to various professions, including physicians, nurses, and EMTs, but does not include numerous employees of a health system that work in close contact with patients and families on a regular basis and are assaulted. We’re told these may include physician assistants, respiratory therapists, patient safety attendants, medical assistants, nursing assistants, physical therapists, public safety and security officers, EKG technicians, radiology technologists, and others.

This bill would ensure that all healthcare employees have the same protection under the law.

HB 324 passed the Delaware House on May 3rd and now heads to the Governor’s desk for signature.

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