DE State Chamber of Commerce hosts policy conference, focuses for end of legislative session


DOVER, Del . –  The Delaware General Assembly’s current legislative session is three weeks away from ending and the state’s Chamber of Commerce hosted a policy conference Tuesday to discuss the focus for the final stretch.

Chamber members praised legislators for victories throughout the current session including the passing of The Healthy Delaware Families Act.

Officials also noted that new challenges like inflation and supply chain shortages have made things harder for the business community and they’re looking for more ways to provide support.

Lawmakers tell 47ABC, now the focus will be on building up the state’s workforce and strengthening the business climate. “The talk of the great resignation is real. People coming out of the workforce, that’s real,” Delaware Senator David Sokola said.

“There are other areas where I think we have sufficient funds but we don’t have sufficient workers to do the infrastructure type improvements to get us really where we are.”

Senator Sokola says other wins this session include more child care resources and support for school transportation workers.

Lawmakers say this last stretch of the session will also be focused on more gun reform and safety legislation in wake on the recent mass shootings.

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