CASA looking for volunteers to help support children in the court system


DELMARVA – A program set out to help at-risk children on the Lower Shore is expanding its services to Somerset and Wicomico counties.

With CASA’s expansion, many children’s lives will be changed for the better, but CASA needs Delmarva’s help to make that happen.

“All you have to have is a desire to serve children in need,” says Jerrona Smith, the Regional Director with Lower Shore CASA.

A powerful message from Jerrona Smith who says needs to be spread- in order to help a child in the community. Now kids in Wicomico and Somerset County will get that help with CASA expanding its services.

“For every child that is placed within the CASA program is to make sure that they end up in a safe and permanent home,” says Jerrona Smith.

In order to do that, CASA selects people from the community to help support these children.

“We bring in volunteers who build a report with these children, who get to know these children and get to advocate on that child’s best behalf in the courts, they make recommendations to the child’s best interest,” says Frank Walter a CASA Volunteer.

Frank Walter has been a CASA volunteer for 10 years – and I asked him — to explain what that role truly means.

“We visit the schools, teachers or counselors, we visit with the foster care family, we visit with the therapist, and where they work if they’re an older child, says Frank Walter.

Walter also says that this experience is so much more than just volunteer work.”It’s really the relationship with this young man, he’s somebody that not only through the years while he’s in the system but he’ll be a part of my life for the rest of my life he’s someone I care very much about and he’s just a wonderful young man, says Frank Walter.

Walter says taking the opportunity not only opens doors for that child but for children across Delmarva.

“To the extent to which we can advocate for them and help them is just it makes all the difference in the world not only for them but for the betterment of our community, says Frank Walter.

They are also looking to increase the diversity in their volunteers so the children have advocates that look like them. To become a CASA, you will need to complete 30 hours of training but those hours are built around your schedule. You can find more information about the CASA program – and even sign up to become a volunteer on their website.

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