Cambridge non-profit looking for bids to help build new youth center

CRISFIELD, Md.- One organization is looking for helping hands to build a new youth center. It Takes a Village to Help Our Children is a non-profit providing after school, summer, and college access services. Right now,  they are seeking bids from vendors to contract construction for the base build.

We are told the center tried to get some bids earlier on, but were unsuccessful due to challenges. So, they got together with the City and decided to reach out to some contractors who has expressed interest in the past to find out what were some of the barriers to having them bid.

“In those discussions, we had some really good information,” Darlene Taylor, Executive Director of the center, said. “One, of the things they told us was the cost of construction is so hot that in order to do what we need to do we have it set up in different phases, but initially, just go after the bid for the base build. So, that’s what we did this time. They also told us the time frame that we were operating in was a busy time frame for contractors, so they suggested that we put the bid out for a longer period of time.”

They will be having a pre-bid meeting Tuesday at the Corbin Library at 2 p.m. They will explain the project to the contractors and the center will find out what questions they have.

“We are at a place where we are looking for creativity, we need that,” Taylor said. “We understand what limitations we have in terms of the funding and things that we have, but we need a base building to be able to operate out of. So, we are looking for a place that we can have at least the classroom structures that we need to operate out of.”

We are told this is a state funded project.

They are accepting bids until the end of June 30. Click here for more information.

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