AAP updates infant sleep safety guidelines, experts urge importance of adherence


DELMARVA, –  For the first time in six years, The American Academy of Pediatrics has updated its sleep safety guidelines for infants.

The new findings share four key points for parents to keep in mind that include babies sleep on their back, laying them on firm surfaces,  stressing the importance of no bed sharing,  and avoiding overheating.

An American Academy of Pediatrics report found that nearly 3,5000 infants die of sleeping related deaths each year.

We spoke with Tidal Health’s pediatric unit who stresses that these incidents are preventable and require parents and caregivers being alert and putting the safety of their child first.  “In pediatrics when something is preventable, we’re passionate about it and want to get the word out. This is what we’re trying to get out: back to sleep, firm surface, no additional soft items in the bed,” Director of Pediatrics at Tidal Health Peninsula’s Dr. Lauren McGovern said.

“This is going to optimize your baby staying safe so we can get them to the next period where they can go into a regular bed.”

Health experts say that many of these accidental deaths are the result of things like suffocation or strangulation.

To find out more about the new guidelines, click here

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