Wicomico County Executive Forum

Wicomico County

SALISBURY, Md – Candidates running for Wicomico County Executive were at Salisbury University this evening to answer questions about their policies and the state of Wicomico County.

Incumbent John Psota believes his two years as active county executive along with his time in law enforcement and the business sector make him an ideal candidate for the position.

Challenging Psota’s seat is Julie Giordano, fellow republican and local Wicomico County high school teacher.

She is throwing her hat in the ring because she believes the county is in need of a “real leader”, something she can be for her continuants through her knowledge of the area and experience in education.

She also touched on her policies regarding property taxes, saying “If their property taxes go up, we’re talking 40, 50,60 dollars, that’s more than a tank of gas. So right now I’m okay to keep the revenue cap where it is”.

Finally, she pushback against attendees questioning her qualifications for Executive by saying she is far more than just a teacher.

Lastly, Democrat and current Wicomico County Council Vice President, Ernest Davis is running for the seat in hopes to cultivate growth within the county.

The local business owner served seven years as a councilman and thinks his vast knowledge of the county and his experience working with local politicians will allow him to best serve the community and reach his goal.

Davis went on to say, “Some people say you are going to have it hard because you are the lone democrat. I was able to work with 7 republicans for 4 years and I think we got more done in those 4 years than any council ever”.

The election for Wicomico County Executive will be held July 19.






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