“We simply didn’t have the staff:” Two Lewes beaches without lifeguards this season

LEWES, Del. – Summer weather is picking up, which means it’s the perfect time to hit the beaches. Yet if you’re heading to Lewes,  don’t be shocked to see vacant lifeguard chairs.

Both the Savannah and Johnnie Walker Beaches will not have lifeguards on duty this season. Town Manager Anne Marie Townshend says they simply didn’t have the staff, adding that it was better to advertise the beaches as unguarded than to give visitors a false sense of security.

Even after increasing the hourly wage from $13.49 to  $16, they only received 4 applications.

Despite this, Townsend says there are other unguarded beach areas in the town that see many visitors yearly, but she urges beach goers that safety will be more important now than ever. “Parents who bring their kids to the beach need to keep an eye out on their children. They’ll have to watch the water and they need to make a point to know where their children are,” Townshend said.

“Don’t dive into shallow water. Don’t do some of the things that happen that could cause a lifeguard to need get into the water to rescue.”

Townsend says, signage will be posted so visitors will be aware of this change.

She adds, they’re actively looking to rebuild beach patrol in an effort to meet the needs for next season.

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