“The goals you want to achieve are endless:” UMES fashion department launches e-book

PRINCESS ANNE, Md. –¬†Faculty and students in UMES’ fashion department have launched an e-book, showing readers the world of fashion that they’ve experienced through their studies.

The HBCU Fashion: Our Story Book comes as the faculty had the desire to connect students to alumni in a meaningful way. It features students being exposed to the fields of marketing, design, and even building their brands.

One of the biggest highlights features first-hand accounts of students traveling to LA and connecting with former Hawks working in the field of fashion.

“This program has definitely boosted confidence levels and creativity and kind of gives you the impression that the goals you want to achieve are endless,” Fashion Merchandising Senior Kassidy Langham said.

“The more people come here with the urge to learn, the better the program will get itself. That’s something I want to take people to take away from this book. There’s actually talent and people that want to grow here,” Fashion Merchandising Senior Nathan Dance said.

If you’re interested in reading the new free e-book, click here.

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