Salisbury considers plastic bag ban

SALISBURY, Md. –  Plastic bags could be a thing of the past in Salisbury, as the city is exploring potential ban options.

The Salisbury City Environmental Sustainability Council says  plastic bags are ending up as trash across town and in the local water supply and rivers. They’re looking at ways to cut down on that trash including limiting the sale of one-time plastic bags.

The group has asked the Greater Salisbury Committee to assemble feedback from a group of businesses. Mike Dunn of the greater Salisbury committee says they’ve heard opinions and city officials say they want to hear all of it before making a decision.

“We’ve gotten a mixed review we got one retailer who vehemently opposed and it listed their business costs and why and we got a few businesses that said it’s a great green initiative it is something we can support,” Dunn said. 

Salisbury officials say that’s why they wanted to hear from businesses before making a decision to craft a policy that’s reasonable and doesn’t hurt small businesses in the process.

“Hearing that input and figuring out what barriers there are to businesses to potentially switch to a different material will really shape the city’s plan and at this point, we are very open and flexible to going into multiple directions,” said Alyssa Hastings of the Salisbury Environmental Committee.

There will be a formal meeting between the city and the committee in June to hear in-depth feedback from business owners. 

Hastings tells us there are many forms of implementing sustainable design, and that there are many options between where Salisbury currently sits and an outright ban.

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