Program brings Baltimore Students to OC for work and life skills building opportunity

OCEAN City, Md- College and High school students are getting the chance to live and work in Ocean City this summer as part of a program that builds life and money management skills

The program,  known as “Next One Up,” is bringing 9 students from Baltimore to Ocean City where they will have their room and board paid for while working at area businesses allowing them to learn job skills and save up money for the future. Program director Brandon Julot says the students will get to learn how to share a common living space, how to excel on the job, and even have regular training together, to help set them up for success. 

“This opportunity is truly important and allows young men in college and before college to live truly independently they’ll be able to work save a lot of money and learn things that schools cannot teach,” Julot said.

Students in the program say, with learning for high schools and colleges shifting remote, they missed out on many of the experiences that the program will help them get back.

College Junior Kennell Washington tells 47ABC, that last year he was already moving up the ranks in his Ocean city job and is looking forward to even more responsibility this year.

“Last year I came in for just a routine position yet towards the end I found myself training new employees and a higher position and coming back I feel like I can come in and take another step higher and be a leader within my job,” Washington said. 

This year’s students are scheduled to start the program on May 28th and finish on August 12th


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