Ocean Pines Bay Day returns, community members recycling and caring for the environment

OCEAN PINES, Md. – The annual Ocean Pines Bay day returned allowing community members to not only become one with nature but learn how to care for their environment. “All these exhibitors here, they’re so passionate about what they do and there are chances for volunteer work to engage and just support these local organizations in a variety of different ways,” says Liz Wist, Education Coordinator with the Maryland Coastal Bays Program.

Over 30 exhibitors from across the state filled White Horse Park, attracting community members from all walks of life. Between hands-on crafts, animal exhibits, workshops, boat rides, and food trucks, there was something for everybody. “I love for people to be able to leave just knowing that there are chances to do different things here in our local community and that they can do things right in their own home and backyard,” says Wist.

Visitors got a look at different ways they can help support the coastal watershed in their backyards. This year’s theme to help support that mission is recycling. Batteries, book swaps, and composting with Go Green OC, are just a few ways organizers say you can help out. “So we have at Bay Day a plastic grocery bag drop off and a bottle cap drop off because those aren’t usually recyclable in our county,” says Chandler Joiner, the Environmental Educator with the MD Coastal Bays Program.

Joiner says recycling is just a small part of the bigger mission to protect the environment, and the younger generation is now learning how they can do their part. “It’s very cool to see the kids reusing plastic and that helps them learn about recycling and things in the future.” Joiner adds, “I hope that people learn about the environment and local organizations that work super hard to protect this environment.”

One mom who we spoke with says she and her daughter are learning some new things about the environment, the wildlife that lives in it, and what they can do to help protect it; Which she says made it a day well spent. “I was fortunate enough to learn things with the environment and do a lot of outdoor activities as a kid so I like sharing that with her,” says community member, Allison Sanders. She adds, “It’s nice knowing how to respect the environment so we can use it for our enjoyment.”

Those with the Maryland Coastal Bays Program also say it’s important to check your local recycling guidelines before recycling any items because each county has different requirements.

For more ways to learn about your local watershed and how you can help, just visit their website.

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