MD Speaker Pro Tem hosting meetings to connect with community members

EASTERN SHORE, Md.- Speaker Pro Tem Sheree Sample-Hughes will be holding two district meetings for the public to attend.

These meetings will give people a better understanding of what lawmakers did during the 90 day session, what laws have been enacted, and the impact that could have.

“We introduce over like 3,000 bills every year, not all of them pass, but certainly those that do are worth noting for our citizens to have a level of knowledge,” Speaker Pro Tem Sample-Hughes said. “The other point in my meetings is to make them also aware that we as legislators sponsor legislative bonds, and those are to help with non-profits in the community, for like their infrastructure or maybe air conditioning needs.”

Sample-Hughes said it’s always been important to connect with community members and learn if there are new concerns in the district in that may need to be addressed through legislative process, and then working with county and local officials to make sure policies are implemented. She adds that we are in election cycle and often times citizens have questions about pieces of legislation that¬† were voted on.

“So, not only is it a good opportunity to learn about the different program and laws that we passed, but also right now what type of things are happening in their community and that they will have to have their voice heard at the election ballot,” Speaker Pro Tem Sample-Hughes said.

Speaker Pro Tem Sample-Hughes says she’s been having these meetings sine like 2006. She recently had to do them through Zoom, but she’s excited to be have them back in person.

The first meeting is Wednesday at 5:30 p.m at the Wicomico Public Library. The second meeting will be next Monday at 6:30 p.m. at the Dorchester County Public Library.

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