Local produce stand giving sweet treats for mothers day, family tradition continues

CAMBRIDGE, Md. – One local produce market is taking part in Mother’s Day festivities, and 47 ABC  paid a visit and spoke to moms in the area on their special day.

For over 20 years, the Jackson family, owners of Emily’s Produce has dedicated their life to agriculture and their business. Part of that family business is honoring mothers, especially on mothers day. “A place that is a feel-good kind of experience and I think that’s kind of what Emily’s Produce provides on Mother’s day and every other day,” says Kelly Jackson, mother, and co-owner of Emily’s Produce. Her daughter, Emily adds, “Most moms might not enjoy working on mothers day, but it’s like a family tradition for us so it’s kind of our tradition to see other moms make their day and make them smile and it makes all of us smile.”

Moms and families stopped by Emily’s Produce for some free and sweet homemade strawberry shortcake while shopping for mother’s day deals on flowers, produce, and much more. However, one mother tells me it’s the personal touch that makes the day even sweeter. “I mean Kelly is a mom herself, the workers here have children, they have mothers but they chose to spend mother’s day here making sure that all the moms have everything they need,” says local mother, Michelle Hughes. Her daughter Madison Watkins adds, “To take time out of the day and to actually appreciate your mom, to give her what she deserves.”

The Jackson family says while mother’s day is typically a big day for business, it’s the appreciation shown to moms that is truly valuable. “My mom is definitely my best friend, my partner and we do everything together, all of us,” says E. Jackson. Her mom adds, “Families can just enjoy each other and not have the stresses of the world on their shoulders and have a place that makes them feel good.”

Those we spoke with also have some advice for all the moms and children out there. “A lot of my friends don’t have moms so I definitely understand what I have and how lucky I am,” says Watkins. Her mother adds,” Today is just a day, but it’s every other day that means so much to me because I’m just thankful that I have them.”

“No matter what stage of mom-hood you’re in, just enjoy the experience because they grow up quick,” says K. Jackson. The Jackson family also says they hope this continues to be a tradition for years to come.

Emily’s Produce is open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Thursday through Monday.

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