DE bills aims to reform court fines and fees system

DELAWARE – A bill has cleared the House which would reform Delaware’s Court Fines and Fees system.

It would end the practice of a court or the Department of Transportation suspending a driver’s license for nonpayment of a fine or fee. It would also get rid of multiple fees, including costs for the Public Defender, probation supervision, late fees, or to pay a payment plan.

“This is something that’s significant for public knowledge,” Representative Stephen Smyk said. “It’s already been done, the Judiciary has already practiced great restraint, they have leniency for those who need them and if the public needs to be reminded of it in a bill, let’s remind them of it.”

The bill would also create a group to review the impact that court-imposed fines have on victims and then make recommendations to promote fairness and transparency.

To learn more about the bill, click here.

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