“Dancing In Delaware” event exposes community to Haitian culture

LAUREL, Del. –  Saintly Wine Company is looking to expose community members to the richness of Haitian culture with a new event.

In light of Haitian Flag Day later in May, the organization is hosting the ‘Dancing in Delaware’ event.

The night will feature plenty of Haitian food, music, and dancing with a live instructor.

Organizers say as the Haitian population continues growing on Delmarva, they want them to feel a sense of community. “Haitians are not a monolith. We come in all shapes, shades, sizes, and different things just as American’s would. It’s just a blending of the two,” Saintly Wine Company’s Natalie Saint-Phard said.  “If you don’t really understand and want a little bit more insight into what Haitian culture entails, I believe this is a great way to come and experience Haitians”

That event will be Saturday, May 14th at Best Kreyol Kitchen in Laurel.

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