Clinicians urged to keep a look out for hepatitis in children as cases are up in the US

DELMARVA — The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently has seen an unexplained number of hepatitis cases in children.

They’ve issued a health advisory to clinicians so they can report cases. Over 100 cases are being looked at and these cases have impacted children in 25 states and territories. Kids have needed to be hospitalized and some have even died. Dr. Sally Dowling, Vice President of Medical Affairs at Atlantic General Hospital, said it’s not common for kids to get hepatitis and the CDC is looking into the cause of the high cases.

“I mean you think overall we’ve been more careful as far as infection prevention and the COVID era; so the CDC is looking into it and investigating any link or causes or way to avoid it, but thus far that has not been identified,” Dr. Dowling said.

The local doctor we spoke with said parents should be on the lookout for symptoms of hepatitis such as nausea, abdominal pain, skin color turning yellow, and vomiting. Prevention recommendations include handwashing, not sharing utensils, and keeping distance from others.

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