U.S. Congressional candidate for DE, Lee Murphy talks about his platform

DELAWARE – As we inch closer to election day in November, 47 ABC spoke with Lee Murphy, the Republican nominee running for U.S. Congress in Delaware.

Murphy ran back in 2020 but lost to current U.S. Congresswoman Lisa Blunt Rochester. Now, Murphy is back and says he has some big goals to work on this year if elected.

“A lot of the issues on the table now that weren’t in 2020,” says Murphy.

He tells us that energy is at the forefront and he wants America to produce their energy in this country using oil and gas from the keystone pipeline.

“We have to produce our energy in this country using oil and gas and why not look at nuclear also,” says Murphy. He adds, “Let’s get them back to work, get oil flowing, get it refined, and get into cars of Americans all over.”

Murphy also states that he wants to focus on visibility and transparency between constituents and politicians. He says showing visibility within the public sets him apart from other candidates.

“Part of representing the people is to be accessible and to be visible and I have been accessible, and I have been visible.” Murphy adds, “When I get elected to Congress I want to unite people I want to bring people together and we as Americans need to be together.”

If you want to learn more about Murphy’s platform, you can visit his website.

As a reminder, the general election takes place on November 8th.

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