Tom Perez candidate profile: broadband and healthcare improvements key part of agenda

MARYLAND,- With Maryland’s Gubernatorial race heating up,  Democratic candidate and former US secretary of labor Tom Perez sat down with 47ABC to lay out his platform, and how he feels he’s best equipped to lead the state.

He tells us, that as a former secretary of labor under the Obama Administration, he worked during the 2008 recession and got aid and economic resources to Americans in need. He tells he wants to continue the work of expanding government help and healthcare in Maryland by utilizing the state’s record surplus.
Perez tells 47 ABC that he would use the money to refurbish school buildings, create better internet access on the eastern shore, and work to rid Delmarva of healthcare deserts.

“I’m excited about this because of the unprecedented infusion of federal dollars we just got to make sure we take advantage of it and that’s what differentiates me from other candidates is I have worked with 3/4ths of the cabinet and we need someone to get stuff done,” Perez said. He says with the reliance of healthcare networks and schools on broadband, the issue of better education, telehealth, and health care access are all tied to broadband, which he said he is committed to expanding.
“We are not the only state with this mix of rural, urban and suburban communities and I want to widen the approach and look at how other states have handled this issue because we haven’t done a good job here with getting broadband, which I view should be like a utility like water that everyone can afford,” he said.

The Primary Election for Maryland governor is on July 19, and the General Election is on November 8 of this year.

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