Snow Hill fire station in works to be repurposed, town officials urge for public input

SNOW HILL, Md. – In Snow Hill,  the town’s old fire station could be getting a makeover, but before it happens officials want to know what you think about it.

Town Manger Rick Pollitt says the old fire house has become apart of the town’s identity.

The space currently operates as a meet grounds for council sessions or other community events.

We’re told, the town was approached by Burley Oak Brewery, looking to establish a presence outside of it’s current home in Berlin.

Pollitt says change in any capacity could be a good thing and the building would still be a community resource. Yet, before any decisions are made, he’s say’s the voice of the people must be heard. “Anytime someone knocks on your door and says, I’d like to come to your community and I’d like to bring jobs and economic growth, you’re obligated to sit and see what’s on their mind,” Town Manager Rick Pollitt said. “Whether it’s this proposal or some other one that may come down the road later, we will always try to see if we could accommodate that community tradition in anything new that comes along.”

A public hearing was held Tuesday night at the mayor and town council meeting, which included a presentation from Burley Oak.

If you weren’t able to attend that meeting, you still have a chance to let your voice be heard.

Residents are urged to email comments to

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