Sen. Van Hollen: “I’m confident that Judge Jackson will become Justice Jackson.”

MARYLAND – Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson is just days away from potentially becoming Justice Jackson. If Judge Jackson is confirmed by the U.S. Senate, she would become the nation’s first Black, female Supreme Court justice.

U.S. Senator Chris Van Hollen met with Judge Jackson Tuesday night, after listening to the recent Supreme Court (SCOTUS) nomination hearings. “I took the opportunity to talk to her about some of the Maryland specific things. Her brother served on the Baltimore City Police force, and she has earned endorsements from the Fraternal Order of Police and other law enforcement agencies,” said Sen. Van Hollen.

They spoke about the badly needed upgrades to the elementary school where the first ever Black SCOTUS Justice, Thurgood Marshall, learned to read and write. Sen. Van Hollen says the City of Baltimore is working to transform the school into a community center. The Senator invited Judge Jackson to tour Baltimore with him in the near future.

Sen. Van Hollen tells 47 ABC that he is impressed with Judge Jackson’s “wealth of legal knowledge”.  “I think she will apply the statement written above the Supreme Court, that says ‘Equal justice under law’. Those simple words reflect what we want out of a Supreme Court justice,” he said.

The Senator says that he’s confident that Judge Jackson will be confirmed to the SCOTUS. Sen. Van Hollen adds that he is excited for the unique perspective she’ll bring to it. “What she will bring is a unique set of experiences that she’s had; her lived experiences as an African American growing up in the South, and bringing a fuller perspective to the Supreme Court. I think we all benefit from a court that looks more like America,” he said.

Judge Jackson’s confirmation vote will likely come on Thursday or Friday, according to Sen. Van Hollen.

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