SBY Airport: Mask mandate could return if advised by state, county health department

SALISBURY, Md – A federal judge has struck down President Biden’s TSA Mask Mandate Extension, leaving airports to revert to previous guidance and remove the mask mandate for employees and passengers.

But while the change remains in effect, and the ruling is being appealed by the DOJ, airports say they still reserve the right to bring back a mask mandate. Salisbury Airport Manager Tony Rudy tells us, that while the airport gets its directions from TSA guidance, his airport can in certain circumstances choose to bring back masking.

“If on a county or a state-level there was a really strong opinion that a mask mandate should go into effect we would have conversations with them, we would have conversations with them, and do what’s in the best interest of the public,” he said. 

He tells us the airport will not add additional testing or staffing to the airport with the mask mandates removal.

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