Powellville Volunteer Fire Company gets new life-saving machine

SALISBURY, Md. – The Powellville Volunteer Fire Company unveiled its brand new lifesaving machine Tuesday at Firehouse Subs in Salisbury.

It’s called the LUCAS 3 Chest Compression System. This machine can give consistent CPR compressions to those suffering from cardiac arrest.

We’re told it will reduce firefighter fatigue and provide extra help when the fire company may not have enough hands. The Fire Company said they’ve already used the device during two incidents and it was a real life-saver.

“Our goal is 6 to 8 people on a cardiac arrest, unfortunately in today’s times that number is dramatically reduced to probably 4 most of the time,” John Tyler, Fire Chief of the Powellville Volunteer Fire Company, said. “This again, it takes two people that were assigned to CPR and allows them to do other interventions.”

The Powellville Volunteer Fire Company was able to get this new piece of equipment through a $12,900 grant from the Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation.

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