PEACE 1 Day returns, looking for volunteers to help with efforts

SALISBURY, Md. – Oak Ridge Baptist Church in Salisbury is gearing up for the 5th annual peace one day on Sunday. This year will bring over 700 volunteers to help out across Maryland.
Heather Smith, Director of Peace 1 Day tells 47 ABC, this originally came from the idea of recognizing the importance of serving the community, especially as a church.
They’ve partnered with 12 organizations that serve the community like Salisbury zoo, humane societies, and Chesapeake Housing Missions.¬†Volunteers can help out across four counties, Wicomico, Worcester, Dorchester, and Somerset. Smith says the church is more than the four walls, it’s helping those in need.¬† “We’re able to show that church is not a building, it’s a body, our body of people are going to go out and serve the community and show some love in some much-needed areas.” Smith adds, “We want our local community to know that they’re loved and that they’re cared for and we want to serve them just as much as we would any other place.”
For more information about how you can help out, click here.
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