Legislative priorities during the last few months of session

DELAWARE – As the Delaware general assembly settles into the last few months of the session, according to Senator Trey Paradee, it’s been a whirlwind of a session with work to still be done

Senator Paradee tells 47 ABC, that he’s truly focused on the budget and decisions that need to be made. Decisions include bills that involve retirees and state employees, as well as grant funding. He says multiple non-profits provide vital services for the community and legislators want to make sure they receive funding.

However, he also the economy is struggling so they have truly their work cut out for them. “Hopefully we see inflation come down and we get back to some sort of normalcy where people can live and enjoy their lives, and not have to worry about masks, and don’t have to work about $4 gasoline, got a lot of work to do,” says Sen. Paradee. He adds, “We certainly have our challenges there so put your seat belts on it’s going to be a bumpy ride until June 30th.”

As a reminder, the Delaware General assembly’s 2022 session ends June 30th.

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