Cookie’s Paper Petals unexpectedly moving, but plans in place for the future of the business

MILFORD, Del. – A hobby that started on a patio, blossomed into a thriving business in downtown Milford. Anastasia Jackson, owner of Cookie’s Paper Petals became the first black woman to own the first paper floral shop on the Eastern Shore. “She said that she had a dream that she wanted to open her store and I think within the year of me meeting her she accomplished her dream,” says Anastasia’s friend, Naiysha Rodriguez.

Anastasia, also known as ‘Cookie’ opened her first shop back in 2020. Her creative skills with turning paper into pieces of floral artwork even caught the attention of state leaders like Governor John Carney and Congresswoman Lisa Blunt-Rochester.

However, after almost two years in business, Jackson has to close down her shop and move on. “When this obstacle hit me I have to be honest, it did hurt,” says Cookie. She adds, “I am going to have a couple of weeks that I’m down but I’m about to get right back up.”

The building where she’s located is being purchased, making Jackson ‘plant’ her flowers elsewhere. “It didn’t hit me until two days ago so it sucks because you have to see something that you brought up from nothing,” says her husband, Tyrel Jackson. Rodriguez adds, “So when she came and told me that she had to close down, I felt every feeling she was feeling because she worked so hard to open this company.”

However, even with this unexpected and unfortunate news, A. Jackson tells 47 ABC, that she’s not giving up. “We know that better things are coming, we already have a plan in place so will grieve a little bit but now we’re going to keep on moving forward.”

A. Jackson says her loyal followers are getting her through this, even an 84-year-old customer from a local nursing home called her when she found out she had to close. “She was like, all things happen for a reason cookie, and that’s all I have for you today and she just hung up,” explains A. Jackson. She goes on to say, “When that happened it just made me look at things like, oh wow I’m going to make it, I’m going to be all right.” A. Jackson adds, “A couple of weeks from now or years maybe even years from now, I’ll be like wow I made it through that, it wasn’t even that bad.”

With support from the community, the city, and her loved ones, A. Jackson is set to flourish into the future. “We both know that we have some bigger plans coming, we’re just going to keep our faith and just press on however it may be,” says T. Jackson. Rodriguez adds, “She’s such a positive person to be around and I know that she’s going to accomplish every dream that she has because she does not give up.”

A. Jackson says she is still hosting her virtual classes, and still has her online business which you can find on Facebook, and Instagram.

However, while this chapter is closing, A. Jackson says she will soon release her plan for the next steps of ‘Cookie’s Paper Petals.’

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