College enrollment numbers continue to decline

DELMARVA – College enrollment numbers are on a steady decline throughout the country, and Delaware is one of the top states experiencing it.

A recent study by “Student Loan Hero” found that Delaware’s college enrollment numbers are down 12% including Delaware State University and the University of Delaware. A student loan expert says this could be for several reasons including students taking a gap year, looking at alternatives, or heading to the workforce. It could also be because college has gotten too expensive for many.

While each college and university is coming up with its solutions to boost enrollment, many students will still have a lot of financial planning to do. “Take a look at their tuition costs and see how they can perhaps help students out more financially whether that be through more scholarships or grants or what have you,” says Amanda Push, student loan export with Student Loan Hero. She adds, “It’ll be really interesting to see how colleges and universities adjust to these numbers.”

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