Candidates for MD Comptroller answer questions for the Eastern Shore

MARYLAND – With elections on the horizon, political battles are heating up in Maryland – including the fight to be the state’s next Comptroller. On Thursday, the three candidates Brooke Lierman, Barry Glassman, and Tim Adams sat down to debate in front of an Eastern Shore audience. “I thought it gave us an opportunity to share who we are and let people know a little more about us,” says Adams.

Adams is the mayor of Bowie, Maryland, and is running as a democrat. He created one of the largest black-owned businesses in the nation, SA-TECH which provides a broad range of professional and technical services to Government and Commercial entities He’s also the first African American to be elected Mayor in the 138-year history of the City of Bowie, and says the experience has prepared him for the next level. “I have more experience with procurement and understand that than I believe any of my competitors and that’s so important because that’s what will make things happen.” Adams adds, “That independent voice, that really speaks for the people and that’s what I’ve done my entire life, just been able to speak to the people to work hard, and now its time that I really want to give back.”

Adams will face Delegate Brooke Lierman from Baltimore City, who is also running as a democrat. Lierman spent eight years in the general assembly and says she’s well versed in handling state money effectively for taxpayers. Lierman also knows what she’ll focus on if elected, “Build more housing, how we can make sure we’re able to expand broadband which is something I’ve worked on and championed at the state level.” Lierman adds, “We have to really focus on helping communities, up-lifting communities, ensuring that the resources of the comptroller’s office can get small businesses families, and communities in every corner of the state.”

The final candidate, and only republican, is Barry Glassman who is the current Hartford County executive. He says he has experience managing a billion-dollar budget for one of the largest counties in Maryland. He says he’s excited to bring what he learned to not only the comptroller’s office but also to the Eastern Shore. “You have to have the experience to know how much money you have to work with, what you need to tell the legislative branch on future taxes or cuts and we’ve done that in Hartford county.” Glassman adds, “We look forward to working with the farmers, the businesses, and the taxpayers over here on the Eastern Shore.”

Lierman also says she really wants to work closely with local governments to understand individual priorities and needs to best address everyone in the state. Adams says he wants to focus on recruitment and retention when it comes to the citizens of Maryland, and Glassman tells me he wants a stronger balance on the board of public works to grow a better relationship with the treasurer and the governor.

47 ABC’s Hannah Cechini was the moderator for the event as well. They facilitated and gave the candidates a controlled amount of time to answer questions.

July 19th will be the primary election, and November 8th will be the general election.

For more information on the candidate platforms, you can find links below to all three candidates.

Brooke Lierman

Tim Adams

Barry Glassman

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