Working from your hotel room or the beach, may be the new office

Ocean City, MD – Travel restrictions are being lifted, now studies are showing people are working while on the beach.

“It gives us more flexibility as a society I think it’s good for the kids – good for mental health,” Ben Seidel says.

Working remotely doesn’t mean you have to stay at home. You could work from a hotel, which in fact is causing the hotel industry to boom. That’s according to the research firm, STR, who says the average occupancy rate for extended stay properties is up. And Lachelle Scarlato with the Greater Ocean City Chamber of Commerce says its a great mix of work and fun in one place.

“Taking some time to travel about, see other attractions because in a traditional world if they worked Monday through Friday in an office setting they would have never been able to do that,” Lachelle Scarlato says.

Ben Seidel, President and Chief Executive Officer of Real Hospitality Group in Ocean City tells 47ABC that if people have a place to do their work and have fun, they’re more likely to visit the shore.

“Our business centers have someone always sitting at a computer the printer seems to always be moving so you know people are working while taking time off,” Seidel tells 47ABC.

In fact, Scarlato says more hotels are getting into the business of extended stays, just like Airbnb’s.

“And marketing to those now with kitchens and kitchenettes. Which they may not have had in the past but they are converting to that so they can compete, Scalato says.

Work from home might still be fairly new, but officials say staying open to remote work leads to endless possibilities.

“I’m not sure it’s necessary and I’m not sure that it’s going to be met with much cooperation, I think that flexibility is here to stay, and it’s good for our society,” Ben concludes.


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