Worcester County Sheriff Crisafulli shares his inspiring story in a new book

MARYLAND- Worcester County’s Sheriff Matt Crisafulli will be featured in an upcoming book.

Called to Serve: The Inspiring, Untold Stories of America’s First Responders gives readers a personal, inside look into police officers, firefighters, and EMS professionals, both on and off the job.

Sheriff Crisafulli is one of the 16 first responders chosen to share his story. He said he hopes when people pick up this book, they realize what an extraordinary job first responders do and what got them into their line of work.

“So, when you have human beings doing this job there’s going to be error, there’s going to be mistakes so we want to kind of humanize the public safety spectrum,” Sheriff Matt Crisafulli said. “So, that people understand that they are human beings doing a job and they are going to read these unique stories where each of these people in this book made a difference.”

The book comes out this November 1,2022 from Skyhorse Publishing. It will be available for pre-order on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, BAM, ans Simon & Schuster’s web sites, among others.

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