When will inflation ease up? Experts weigh in

WICOMICO CO., Md. – Soaring prices don’t seem to be letting up, and many are wondering, ‘When will this out of control inflation calm down?’

47ABC spoke with President of the Salisbury Area Chamber of Commerce, Bill Chambers, to find out.

Chambers says inflation is hurting small businesses especially with the added stressors of the pandemic and supply chain complications.

However he’s hopeful that in the 4th business quarter things will level off and consumers will see relief.

But he says, despite our desires to see prices come back to earth… there are bigger concerns, especially with what’s happening in Ukraine.

“None of them [small businesses] have mentioned, hoping the conflict ends quickly for economic reasons. They hope it ends quickly for the people of Ukraine,” said Chambers.

Chambers believes around Christmas time businesses will see both a very large profit and recovery from inflation.