UMES receiving thousands of dollars of federal funding for two projects, including new research center

PRINCESS ANNE, Md.- The University of Maryland Eastern Shore is looking forward to getting over $800,000 in federal funding this year as a result of President Biden signing the Fiscal Year Funding bill.

“These funds are different than the formula funds that jurisdictions on the Eastern Shore get through federal formulas because they are targeted at specific community needs,” U.S. Senator Chris Van Hollen said.

Senator Van Hollen said projects across the Eastern Shore were included in the Fiscal Year 2022 funding legislation and that UMES will be getting money for two different projects. One of them is a Historical Digitalization Project, the other is to establish an Interdisciplinary Research Center.

“The goal is to bring together all researchers from all over the campus, different disciplines and have a way for them to communicate, and create research together,” LaKeisha Harris, Dean for School of Graduate Studies and Research, said.

The HBCU will get $350,000 for that research center, which will hopefully increase the graduation rates of graduate students and lead to increased research productivity and maintenance of the Carnegie Classification.

The Carnegie Classification has been the leading framework to recognize institutional diversity in higher education.

Harris said the school is thrilled to get this financial boost because it will empower people on campus to accomplish new things.

“We have faculty that sometimes want to publish in specific journals that may cost a little bit more than we are able to provide for,” Harris said.

“I am able to tell researchers sure I can fund you to go to this conference and present your research,” Harris said.

But, the Dean said while this center is going to be a bonus for faculty, students will also be able to reap the benefits of the new research.

“They engage the students in research, our graduate students serve as teaching assistants, research assistants, so they gain valuable experience,” Harris said.

UMES will also receive a half-million dollars for their Historical Digitalization Project. Those funds will be used to digitize historical documents, which will hopefully make educational resources more accessible.

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