“This is a drop the mic kind of moment:” Seaford Amazon delivery station opens, bringing excitement to the area

SEAFORD, Del. – The first Amazon facility opened its doors in Sussex County around two months ago, and with a hundred employees and over a quarter of a million packages already shipped out this delivery station is putting Seaford on the map.

“This is a drop the mic kind of moment,” Seaford Mayor David Genshaw said.

Mayor Genshaw said a year ago this building was very dark and dirty, but now it’s full of light. The 100,000 square feet space processes around 8,000 packages daily.

“I remember when this was a Dupont facility right, we knew what Dupont had done for Seaford and Western Sussex and really the whole Eastern Shore, and to be replaced with another globally recognized company that’s pretty exciting,” Mayor Genshaw said.

Steve Kelly, an Amazon Spokesperson, said the company shares that same excitement.

“Seaford is an incredible place to be right now,” Kelly said. “I mean we’ve got a great talented workforce that is doing an excellent job here already, it’s a growing area, delivery stations are generally placed in areas where we have a high concentration of customers.”

Now, when it comes to the journey of an amazon package, this is the final stop before it reaches your doorstep. Packages first go to the fulfillment center, then a sorting center, then trucks come to a delivery center like this.

“Those trucks are then unloaded, they are divided up even further, they are put into small totes and from those totes, they are put onto the Amazon vans,” Kelly said.

Delivery drivers will serve from Milford to Salisbury and Denton to Long Neck. Mayor Genshaw said when it comes to those employees and those working inside the facility they seem really happy to work here.

“Our residents have been asking for jobs, we know jobs are key to the turn around of Seaford, to the revitalization of Seaford; without jobs really nothing else can happen,” Mayor Genshaw said.

And, while this is only the beginning, the Sussex County residents we spoke with are invested and can’t wait to see what the future holds.

“We know the benefits are huge, it’s hard to tell what that’s going to look like three years from now, but I’m believing this is going to be super exciting,” Mayor Genshaw said. “I think we are going to see other companies move here.”

Mayor Genshaw said there’s going to be some traffic with the new station, but local law enforcement plans to adjust to keep the community safe.

The facility currently has 100 employees, but there are plans to hire over 200 and get the facility to process 20,000 packages a day.

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