Rising gas prices change driving habits, experts weigh in with tips for saving fuel


DELMARVA – Sky-high gas prices have many drivers on the Eastern Shore and beyond changing their driving habits.

AAA Mid-Atlantic tells 47 ABC they conducted a national consumer survey in February and 59% of participants said they would make changes to their driving habits.  That switch up would include things like using ride-shares.

For those who are still hitting the highway and looking for ways to conserve gas, experts say combining trips and carpooling with coworkers can save a pretty penny. Yet, that’s not all drivers can do.

“Make sure you get the tire pressure just right. If they’re underinflated, too much of that tire can be hitting the roadway which is actually slowing your vehicle down and making it work harder which is eating up your gas to move it forward,” AAA Mid-Atlantic’s Morgan Dean said. “If you’re sitting outside of a school waiting for a child or waiting for someone to deliver something to your car and if you aren’t going to be there more than 10 seconds, cut the vehicle off and then turn it back on. That actually uses less gas than idling.”

AAA also says that while they haven’t seen fewer drivers at the pump just yet, that could become a reality with warmer weather right around the corner.

With spring break and Memorial Day weekend being some of the busiest traveling times of the year, we’re told this could cause a higher demand in fuel which in turn raises the prices you see at the pump.

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