MD lawmaker aims to bring more mental health resources to the State with Advance Directives legislation

MARYLAND– In the Maryland General Assembly, Senator Addie Eckardt wants to bring more mental health resources to the State.

She is trying to do this with her Mental Health Advance Directives bill, which would have the State Health Department develop and implement a public awareness campaign to encourage the use of mental health advance directives. In addition, a readily, accessible database would be made to have a treatment plan in place when individuals dealing with mental health are not able to ask for help on their own.

This is something that Senator Eckardt is essential to get an individual stabilized in a crisis situation.

“Everybody who might be working with an individual with serious and persistent mental illness could access that information early and avoid completed suicides or avoid unnecessary hospitalizations or confrontations,” Senator Eckardt said.

She also said MDH is willing to do an education campaign to increase the use of those advance directives, and the database that would be created would be available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to be able to respond quickly to crisis situations.

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