Mayor Jake Day shares “Here is Home” initiative is already showing progress to bring more housing to Salisbury

SALISBURY, Md.- Providing more affordable housing options is a mission for the City of Salisbury. Mayor Jake Day says that Monday marks the six month anniversary from when he announced the “Here is Home” initiative to accomplish that.

“It’s happening right in front of our eyes the faster we can act, the faster we can start to drive rents down and home prices down,” Mayor Day.

Mayor Day spoke at The Reserve At Parson’s Lake, which is where some of this new housing will be built, and said it’s just the tip of the iceberg for affordable housing in Salisbury.

“We’ve got two affordable housing developments in the planning pipeline now whereas we didn’t before, we also have habitat for humanity in Salisbury neighborhood housing have 10 houses that they’ve acquired,” Mayor Day said. “67 projects, 8,049 housing units that would represent a 60% increase in our population in 5 years, it’s not like anything we’ve ever seen.”

Salisbury City Council member, Michele Gregory, said she’s thrilled to hear about all the new and affordable homes coming to town.

“I thought this would maybe bring 1,000 new units or so, I am just blown away by the size and scope that this impact has had,” Gregory said.

Especially, since new residents living in their affordable homes will mean new workers strengthening the local economy.

“People haven’t been able to find housing, they want to move here but they can’t and this is going to correct that and we are going to see a lot of new faces here and I welcome it,” Gregor said.

And, while city leaders are happy with the affordable housing progress, they said they’re just getting started.

“One of the things that I’ll be doing in this budget is ensuring that we have the right staff, the right structure, to respond to all of that demand,” Mayor Day said.

Mayor Day also said the proposed construction represents a $1.4 billion expansion of the City’s existing $800 Million residential base.

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