Maryland Suicide Fatality Review Committee could be put into place if legislation passes

MARYLAND– A piece of legislation could make a Maryland Suicide Fatality Review Committee if it’s fully passed.

One of the Sponsors of the bill, Senator Addie Edkardt, said they have been trying to pass this legislation for many years. She thinks the bill drafters didn’t clearly understand the bill in writing because it had a big fiscal note on it.

We’re old the bill would create this committee within the department of health, and they would review, identify, and address factors contributing to suicide deaths, which we’re told is crucial with all the impacts the pandemic has brought.

“I think it’s very important that we gather as much information as possible to be able to learn on how to interrupt future suicides, to keep people from taking their own lives, so we need to be able to have the tools to make that determination,” Sen. Edckardt said.

This Senate Bill is in the opposite chamber right now and is cross-filed with a House Bill.

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