“Just make sure to support local agriculture:” SU students putting love into community garden

SALISBURY, Md.- Salisbury University students are digging deep and getting their hands dirty all to help with a very special garden.

Students from the Organic Gardening class came out Tuesday and Wednesday to clean up garden beds at the Camden Community Garden.

Every year, the founder of the Camden garden is invited to speak to this class about his efforts and what these unique gardens bring to the community.

And, this week these students were able to participate in this work themselves.

“Just make sure to support local agriculture, local farmers, these are the people that are the backbone of our country and without them we wouldn’t be able to enjoy a lot of the luxuries we have,” Max Forrest, an SU Senior, said.

“It helps them understand what’s going on in the community garden and exposes them to the potential and possibility that’s available in their communities and it helps us because getting the garden ready after a long winter is a big task,” Martin Hutchison, the Founder of the Garden, said.

This week, the SU students will clean up to 20 community garden beds.

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