“It’s been a long road and we’re grateful for the federal support,” DEMA receives reimbursement funds

DELAWARE – In the best interest of the public, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is reimbursing costs that came with the unprecedented health crisis of COVID-19.

“It’s going to make sure it goes back in the bank accounts of the state so we’re in good shape with the budget and things like that,” says Jeff Sands, Public Information Officer for Delaware Emergency Management Agency (DEMA).

FEMA is providing more than $3 billion to local and state agencies, school districts, non-profits, and other public entities in the Mid-Atlantic region, including Delmarva. “The public health warehouse has been absolutely stocked with additional supplies and we’re really in a good position to be able to do our best to support the hospitals and make sure we can weather any additional surges if they do come,” says Sands.

DEMA is receiving close to $160,000 to help with test kits, rapid test analyzers, community-based testing locations, and PPE, which FEMA officials say was essential during the height of COVID and will continue to be. “It is critical to states and locals that they get reimbursed, that they’re able to make payments and support their citizens in their localities and their administrative services,” says Michael Senycz, the Recovery Division Director for FEMA Region 3.

Through this pandemic, emergency management agency officials tell 47 ABC, they’ve had to build stronger relationships to help in ways they never expected. “It really comes down to working with states and locals and our commitment there to support them in combating the pandemic,” says Senycz.

Sands also tells us, this pandemic taught them a lot, but the biggest lesson they’re taking away is to always be prepared, and funding like this can help do that. “So it’s been a long road and we’re grateful for the federal support and we do feel like we’re in a good position if it comes to another variant that we have to face down the road,” says Sands.

Sands wants to remind viewers to follow the advice of medical experts and to continue to be careful as we move through whenever and whatever COVID-19 has next.

FEMA officials say they’re also extending their open incident period until July 1st.

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