Frustrations rise for businesses as it seems the RRF won’t be replenished

MARYLAND– It appears that funding through the Restaurant Revitalization Fund will not be replenished, something that we are told is upsetting for local businesses.

On March 11, government spending will be running out and this week lawmakers were finalizing the Omnibus spending package that funds the government through the rest of this year, and it appears that restaurants will not be getting additional aid.

CEO of the Salisbury Area Chamber of Commerce said they’ve been working with congressional representatives for a long time to get money replenished.

Adding, these funds helped businesses survive and keep employees and without these funds businesses could tank.

“Let’s point the finger where it needs to be pointed, there are a number of Senate Republicans that refuse to wake up and understand the critical, vital crisis that exists in the restaurant industry across the country right now and they were not enlightened enough to agree to refund, to replenish the restaurant relief fund,” Bill Chambers, President and CEO of Salisbury Area Chamber of Commerce, said.

Chambers said we may see more mom and pop establishments closing on the Shore because they won’t have the ability to pay for employees, worker issues, and supply chain shortages.

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