Fridays for Future Delaware returns to Georgetown with legislative candidate for climate change rally

GEORGETOWN, Del. – Friday evening, a group of high school and college students with Fridays For Future Delaware headed to the Georgetown Circle to urge state leaders to act ‘now’ to the trajectory of global warming.

Fridays for Future Delaware, led by Delaware high school student Jack Thompson, held a protest to address the climate crisis. Thompson tells 47 ABC, he invited Delaware legislatures, legislative candidates like Susan Clifford, and community members to hear their voices.  He says right now they’re focused on the federal level, such as pushing for the carbon tax and other aspects of addressing climate change.

Although the rally was held to bring the community together and make them aware of, Thompson tells us he doesn’t want the momentum to stop there.

“There’s so much other stuff going on that is hard to make this a front and center issue, but that’s kind of why we’re out there today to try and keep it in the front of people’s minds,” says Thompson. He adds, “It’s really not just a generational thing, I think everybody should be caring about this and it breaks your heart to see anyone of any age not want to be involved in it just because it’s going to impact everyone.”

We’re also told the group is already planning their next rally for sometime in May which will focus on legislative asks, and plan to go in-depth on specific policies.
He says groups like this one are worldwide and shows just how important these young voices are.

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