Do More Delaware 24 Kicks off Fundraising Day


GEORGETOWN, Del.- Do More 24 Delaware is giving charities in the first state 24 hours to have all donations matched, with a competition to see which non-profit can raise the most money. Shepherds Office in Georgetown Director Jim Martin tells us, his group was able to raise over $50,000 last year to help feed homeless people and offer services.

He tells having matched funds for donations means his volunteers can spend more time focusing on giving out aid, and less time on the day-to-day struggle of fundraising to stay open.

“This fundraiser can help fund our operation for about 6-7 months which is amazing it takes the pressure off of fundraising and allows us to have a nice manageable budget every month,” he said.

The donation window will run for 24 hours starting 6 pm Wednesday through 6 pm Thursday here.

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