Delaware community gathering medical supplies for Ukrainians

DOVER, Del. – Early Friday morning in Dover, community members, Donate Delaware, Post Acute Medical Hospital (PAM) and other organizations loaded trucks with an array of medical supplies headed to Ukraine.

Donate Delaware reached out to PAM to coordinate donations for Ukraine. There were medical supplies like stretchers, wheelchairs, and even diapers, clothes, and much more.
Throughout Delaware, organizations are working to get these supplies to the people of Ukraine as they continue to bunker down during this intense time of conflict.
A doctor at PAM who is Ukrainian says, these supplies are essential right now. “That’s the key, getting it across the border because we have plenty of supplies at the border we just have to get it across the border to the people who need it the most. People that are down in the shelters that are really suffering down there ya know” says  Dr. Kirill Alekseyev, a Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation doctor, and coordinator of donations. He adds, “Everybody has to chip in and that’s the only way to fight humanity really come together and stop this war.”
We’re also told there are 10 donations boxes throughout Delaware, and if you want to help out with donations, click here.
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