Chesapeake Conservacy applaud increased Federal Omnibus funding for environmental efforts


Environmental advocates across Delaware and Maryland are applauding the latest federal spending bill, that increased funding for state-wide initiatives, departments, and projects aimed and environmental conservation and restoration. 

the Chesapeake Conservancy group says the bill puts 88 million dollars into the Chesapeake Bay Program, which works to protect and restore the Bay watershed across state lines. 

“It’s a key way to meet our goals for the bay as declared by 2025,” said Chesapeake Conservancy spokesman Reed Perry.
The group is also praising the efforts of Delaware Senator Tom Carper, for securing 1.2 million dollars for the next phase of Seaford, Delaware’s Oyster House Park which is located on the Nanticoke River.

“This earmark is going to help fund phase 2 and in turn help to achieve the later phases which will see an outdoor amphitheater and other great assets,” he said.

Reed tells us the Omnibus bill also helped secure extra funding for many of the departments like the MDE and DNREC that clean up the bay and maintain the environment on Delmarva.


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